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Community Sale
April 24-27

Members Sale

April 18th

9:00am to 4pm

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Educator's Sale

May 2nd, 2015


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Become a FRIEND Membership is a terrific way to support your local library and to be involved in your community. Through your membership: You promote a love of reading and learning, AND you actively participate in enhancing library programs and services. Your support enables the Library to offer exciting programs and projects not supported by county tax dollars. ...

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The Pima County Public Library depends on donations from the Friends to fund several programs and services. Last fiscal year, 2013-2014, the Friends donated $260,000 to the Public Library. There are two ways you can help with your donations: 1)  Books, CD's, Audio Books, and/or DVD's 2)  Your tax-deductible cash gift. Donations may be taken...

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  VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES    Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Friends.  Most volunteers are active in the actual business of selling books, whether that’s at a community sale or the book store, through online sales, or other venues.  There are a number of positions with flexible hours.   ...

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Upcoming Sales

April 18  Members Sale April 24-27  Community Sale May 2  Educator's Sale May 16  Members Sale Download Printable Calendar  *Please note: Scanners are not permitted at Members Sales. They may be used at public sales as long as it is done at the shelf and with consideration to other customers. more book sale dates

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The community sales are so much fun. My children and I can find just about any book we are looking for - and ones we never dreamed of reading.

Robert Gavick Steve Harborough

As an educator, I try to find books that my students will enjoy reading. Pima Friends is the perfect place. The children love all the books.

Paulina Nowakowska Julie Cavington

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