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Membership is a terrific way to support your local library and to be involved in your community. Through your membership:

  • You promote a love of reading and learning, AND you actively participate in enhancing library programs and services.
  • Your support enables the Library to offer exciting programs and projects not supported by county tax dollars.
  • You are associated with one of the most environmentally conscientious organizations in Tucson, recycling all materials in environmentally friendly ways.
  • You strengthen our numbers and therefore strengthen our voice as we advocate for the library.


  • 2017 annual meetingTax deductible membership
  • A powerful collective voice advocating for the library
  • Advanced notice of sales
  • Members-only shopping day at the book sales
  • Friends newsletters
  • Discounted price of attendance at Friends’ annual meeting
  • Enhanced programs and services at the library because of Friends support
  • The satisfaction of promoting literacy and the joy of learning in our community
  • 10% discount on multi-year memberships when paid in full at time of joining or renewing



Membership Levels:

BOOKWORM - $20 (Individual Membership) (100% tax deductible)

BOOK LOVERS - $30 (Family Membership) (100% tax deductible)

BIBLIOPHILE - $50 ($47 tax deductible)
• Friends Coffee Mug

BOOK COLLECTOR - $100 ($95 tax deductible)
• Friends Book Bag

LITERATI * - $150 ($142 tax deductible)
• Friends Book Bag & Coffee Mug
* Four consecutive years at literati level converts to Life Membership

ONE-TIME Payment for Life Memberships

CONSERVATOR - Life Membership age 65 and older - $250 ($238 tax deductible)
• Friends Book Bag & Coffee Mug
• Recognition as Life Member on Plaque in Sale Building

RESERVE LIST - Life Membership age under 65 - $500 ($488 tax deductible)
• Friends Book Bag, Coffee Mug
• Recognition as Life Member on Plaque in Book Sale Building

BEST of ALL as a FRIEND you demonstrate your support and appreciation for our library system and contribute to its continued success and improvement.



Join the Friends!

We will send you confirmation of your membership along with a membership card.

If you have any questions, call us at (520) 795-3763 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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